fabrics for spaces & places, from offices to schools, trains to buses & stores to hospitals


Camira has been weaving the fabric of the world for decades and their fabrics are used in a vast array of commercial interiors, education, healthcare and retail. They make over 10 million yards of fabric a year, in the UK and in Lithuania, so you’re sure to have touched upon their fabrics either at work, at play or on the move. Camira’s cost efficiencies, high sales and high productivity allow them to offer such high-quality products at a reasonable cost.


The company is forever pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and is the name behind industry leading textile innovations such as fabrics made from harvested nettles, commercially grown hemp, jute from recycled coffee sacks, and intimate blends of wool and flax. Recycled polyesters go beyond post-consumer and post-industrial PET, to include “closed loop” recycled polyester derived from the company’s own yarn and selvedge waste. Some fabric ranges include up to 60 colorways and all textiles are designed with interior coordination and harmony in mind, so mixing and matching across different collections is encouraged.


Camira’s fabrics are stocked in the USA and are available for immediate shipment.